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Via delle Albere, 13
36045 Alonte (VI) - Italia

Customer Service:
+39 039/6894456

E-mail: mail@guarnitauto.it



DescriptionPeriodNotesEngine codeCC.ØKWType
SIGNUM 1.8 16VFrom 09/2005 al 2008Z18XER1796cc80,5140HP (103Kw)GASOLINE
SIGNUM 1.8i 16V ComfortFrom 05/2003 and 2008Z18XE (DOHC)1796cc.80,5122HP (90KW)GASOLINE
SIGNUM 1.8i 16V EleganceFrom 05/2003 and 2008Z18XE (DOHC)1796cc.80,5122HP (90KW)GASOLINE
SIGNUM 1.9 CDTIFrom 08/2005 and 2008Z19DTL1910cc.82100/120HP (74/88Kw)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 1.9 CDTiFrom 04/2004 and 2008Z19DTH1910cc.82150HP (110Kw)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 1.9 CDTIFrom 05/2003 and 2008Motorizzazione FIATZ19DT1910cc.82100/120HP (74/88KW)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 1.9 CDTI 16VFrom 05/2004 and 2008Motorizzazione FIATZ19DTH1910cc.82150HP (110KW)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 2.0 DTI 16V DesignFrom 05/2003 and 2008Y20DTH1995cc.84101HP (74KW)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 2.0i 16V T.From 05/2003 and 2008Z20NET1998cc.86175HP (129KW)TURBO
SIGNUM 2.2 DTI 16V ActiveFrom 05/2003 and 2008Y22DTR2175cc.84125HP (92KW)TURBO DIESEL
SIGNUM 2.2 DTI 16V DesignFrom 05/2003 and 2008Y22DTR2175cc.84125HP (92KW)TURBO DIESEL

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