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A brand of Athena Group »



Via delle Albere, 13
36045 Alonte (VI) - Italia

Customer Service:
+39 039/6894456

E-mail: mail@guarnitauto.it



DescriptionPeriodNotesEngine codeCC.ØKWType
DUSTER 1.5 - 4x4 dCiFrom 10/2010K9K 892-894-896-8981461cc.76109/110HP (81KW)TURBO DIESEL
DUSTER 1.5 - 4x4 dCiFrom 08/2013K9K 856-8581461cc.76109HP (80KW)TURBO DIESEL
DUSTER 1.5 dCiFrom 04/2010K9K 7961461cc.7686HP (63KW)TURBO DIESEL
DUSTER 1.6 16VFrom 04/2010K4M 690-6961598cc.79,5105HP (77KW)GASOLINE
DUSTER 1.6 16V 4x4From 06/2010K4M 6061598cc.79,5105HP (77KW)GASOLINE
DUSTER 1.6 16V LPG-Hi-FlexFrom 08/2010K4M 6961598cc.79,5105HP (77KW)GASOLINE

Athena Spa - Capitale Sociale € 10.000.000 I.V. - REGISTRO IMPRESE DI VICENZA: N. 00589040245 - REA VI: 139951 - P.IVA E C.F. 00589040245 - Cookie Policy

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