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Latest version of cylinder head gasket


Latest version of cylinder head gasket for Rover ‘K’ series engines
is of recent development and has been studied for the Land Rover engine 1.8
fitted on models such as Freelander.
Car manufacturer, determined to reduce drastically the very high rate
of faultiness caused by the cylinder head gasket, has formulated a
substantial change that we can identify in three main points:

1) New head gasket in Multi Layer Steel (MLS).
2) Special steel shim in metal-rubber with a treatment called
“ Headsaver “.
3) New oil feed ladder.

Guarnitauto provides also this new version of cylinder head gasket that proves to be
Identical to the original above all as regards dimensions and structure.
Only ameliorative difference in steel dowels that, as explained previously,
have intentionally a different bore compared to original ones.
Reference number is 103823-5250, while the original one is LVB 500190.

As to know in details the characteristics of this new gasket, please download
the “ Pdf “ file.

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